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Membership fees and other costs

The base cost of membership is $919 for two core classes per week and optional classes over the regular 10 month season. There are 73 core classes and a 27 optional classes in the 2023-2024 season.


Memberships can be paid through credit card, cash or by email transfer to


Monthly instalments are paid through pre-authorized debit from your financial institution.  Complete the PDF authorization form and send a scanned copy or high-quality photo to at least five days before your first payment is due.

  • The monthly rate for 10 payments is $96/month.

  • The monthly rate for 12 payments is $80/month.

  • PAD payments go out on the 15th day of each month. 

Although the total cost of membership is the same for 10 and 12 month instalments, only members on the 12 month PAD plan receive free summer classes.


Optional classes are included with your membership, but must be booked on the Book Online page.

These additional fees are not included in your base membership:

  • Grading fees

  • CNGK Event fees

  • Equipment

  • Weapons (bo, sai and tonfa)

  • Uniforms

Please review the refund policy before committing to your payment scheme.  

In case of a pandemic-related closure, classes will move outside or online in the same schedule. 

In case of a weather-related cancellation, students are encouraged to book an optional Saturday class.

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