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Elora Karate Dojo

Spectator Policy

Spectators are not permitted in the dojo during class.

There are days scheduled for parents to watch their child's class.   If you'd like to observe a class on a different day, please speak to Sensei Barb to arrange a time. 

Spectator FAQ

Why can't I watch my child's class?

We love your enthusiasm, but there isn't much space. With classes of 8-12 students, we need the stairwells and the lobby to be kept free and clear.  During class, we want to use our whole space and minimize distractions for students.  


Why can't I peek?

If we don't notice you, go right ahead! While we actively discourage visitors during class times, it's not actually policed. There is limited space near the dojo door where you can peek through the window and/or listen to class, We will ask you to step away from the door if your presence is is a distraction, Please make space for students during class crossover times.

Why can't I wait in the lobby?

Since 2020, we've become more conscious of the risks of crowded spaces. During class cross-over times, there could be 48 dance and karate students passing through the lobby in a 10 minute period. Unless you have an appointment/permission, please do not wait in the lobby. 


Why can't I watch my child's belt test?

Karate grading is a formal test of skill similar to dance or music . The test is done in a class setting, and there are clear technical requirements that must be completed correctly. The test is not designed to be a public performance, it is an evaluation. Adding an audience of strangers is unhelpful for nervous students. Parents are encouraged to attend the belt ceremony after the testings are completed. 

I'm allowed to watch other activities, why not karate?

If you really want to know, book a trial class - we love to share our art!  

Karate is an individual activity that requires space. Spectators take space away from participants, and can inadvertently pose a safety risk.  


Not to worry! During the warms months, we train outside for all to see.  Parents often watch from a respectful distance, and enjoy the spacious south lawn at the ECFTA. Sensei Barb is happy to discuss her teaching and training philosophy at length,


Please review the refund policy before committing to membership.. 

Updated January 2023

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