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Karate belts

The CNGK curriculum is split into coloured belt levels to show progression of skills and knowledge.  Testing dates are used to motivate students to work towards an achievable goal within a specified timeline.

The first opportunity to be tested is after 3 months of training as a white belt, Grading days are typically scheduled in May and December of each year.  


Coloured belt candidates will be asked to perform their rank requirements in a formal setting. If they are unable to perform their rank requirements at the appropriate level, they will be asked to re-test at a later date. The belt fee must be paid in advance of grading day. Preferred method of payment is cash or email transfer to senseibarb@elorakarate,ca​


There are no spectators permitted in the dojo during the test. Family members may attend the belt ceremony which is usually held on a different day following the belt test.


Prepare for your belt test

  • Practice your kata.  Find some time each day to go through your kata in the week before your test. The more kata requirements  you have, the more you need to practice. 

  • Green belts and up have kobudo requirements.. Students need to attend optional classes to learn the full requirements.

  • Show up ready to go for the assigned time.  Use the bathroom before your assigned time.

  • You must be in proper uniform.  Review the dress code in advance.

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