Elora Karate Dojo

Pandemic policy

About our policy

  • Our policy is based on the recommendations from public health and independent medical advice.  As pandemic regulations change, our policy will change with it.

  • In general, we follow the same guidelines as the UGDSB and tend to err on the side of caution. If you have questions about our rationale, please contact Sensei Barb.

Capacity limits

  • While maintaining a 2 metre distance, the dojo can accommodate 18 people non the main floor.

  • Kinder Karate classes are limited to 8 students, plus one instructor and one assistant.

  • Core classes are limited to 14 students, plus two instructors.


  • When masking is required by Public Health, we will all wear masks to train.

  • We strongly recommend the use of N95 or KN95 rated masks while training.

  • Students are encouraged to wear a mask during class if they are able.

  • You will be asked to put on a mask if you have a cough or are sneezing during class.

Your responsibility

  • Do not attend class if you are ill. If you arrive sick, we will send you home.

  • If you know that you've had close contact with an active covid case, please stay home or wear a mask in class. 

In case of lockdown

  • Classes will move online in your current schedule and membership level. Core program students will have access to two classes per week online.  

  • Given the special considerations of young children, Kinder Karate classes will not be offered online, and students will receive class credit towards a future program.

  • Whenever possible, we will train outdoors when indoor spaces are deemed risky.

  • In the case of lockdown, there are no refunds for membership and training fees, although we may make exceptions in extreme situations. 


Please review the refund policy before committing to membership.. 

Updated March 21, 2022