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Get ready to train at home

Often, students consider karate something that you only practice at the dojo.  As much as we love seeing you working hard in the dojo, karate training is something that can be practiced anywhere! Getting set up for at-home training will help you make progress towards your training goals, regardless of whether there's bad weather, a holiday closure or even a global pandemic!

Set up your home dojo

First, find a space where you can move freely.  We recommend a minimum 10’ x 10’ square, but most exercises can be modified to fit smaller or odd-shaped spaces.  Try to find a low traffic area, away from distractions.


Next, set up your camera.  Any device can work, but a laptop usually works best in terms of screen size and ability to tilt the screen.  Your full body should be visible on screen, especially for a private class.  If possible, ensure that you have a light source illuminating your face. It is very hard to see you when the light source is behind you. 

Students are asked to leave their camera and microphone on during class.  We know this isn't always possible if your home dojo is in a shared space, but we can not make corrections if we can't see/hear you.  It's hard to "undo" something that you've been practicing incorrectly for a period of time, so keeping your camera/mic on will help us to correct those errors before they become habit.


Now, find some training equipment.


Weights: If you have a medicine ball or hand weights (2-5kg), that’s great!  If not, a 2L bottle of water or similarly weighted item will also work well.  Remember that we often work on repetition drills, so you don’t want the weight to be too heavy.


Agility grid/hurdle: In the dojo, we use a multipurpose agility grid that can be purchased here. You are welcome to purchase one, but you can easily reproduce it for free using household objects.


The agility ladder can be replicated using masking tape on the floor.  Make a 4 square grid, with each “square” measuring about 12” x 15”.  


Find an object to use as a hurdle .  This can be any object (such as a box or small step stool) which is just below knee height and no more than 14” wide.  You should be able to easily jump over the object with your feet together.


For online classes, wear your karate uniform and belt. Bring a water bottle into your space. Online classes are tightly scheduled and we won’t wait for you to catch up if you need to leave, so please use the washroom before class. 

Training safely at home

  • Wear your karategi and belt

  • Gather all of your equipment before class starts.

  • Ensure your floor is clear and dry.

  • Remove any potential tripping hazards

  • Remove your socks so you don't slip.

  • No food or gum during class 

  • Keep a water bottle handy for quick drink breaks when instructed

  • If training with family members, ensure that you are not too close

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