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Special needs 

Elora Karate Dojo is an inclusive dojo.  This means that whenever possible, we integrate students with special needs into our regular karate program. As long as a student is able to participate safely in a group class, he or she will welcomed.  In general, karate practice is beneficial for people of all abilities, so while we can make accommodations when needed, most of the activities require only subtle modifications to be accessible for all people.

In some cases, where a student may have mobility impairments that prevent him or her from participating in a group class, we can offer modified programs for students in a private or semi-private setting. Caregivers or parents who are unsure about whether a program is appropriate for their dependent are encouraged to book a meeting with Sensei Barb to discuss how to get started.

Students who may have under-developed social or cognitive abilities can benefit from modelling the behavior of other students. In addition to the regular benefits of martial arts training, non-disabled students benefit from training with a diverse group of people, helping to build empathy, creativity and respect for all people.

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