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Self Defence

Self-defence is the medium through which the art of karate is expressed and a core component of the traditional karate and tai chi programs offered at Elora Karate Dojo.

For those who wish to learn basic self-defense without committing to a longer-term training regimen, personalized group or private sessions can be booked with Sensei Barb.


Self-Defense for women (age 14+)

In this session, we will learn simple self-defense concepts for women of all levels of physical fitness.  We will tackle difficult subjects of acquaintance assault and delve into misconceptions surrounding sexual predators and personal safety. Despite the dark subject matter, Sensei Barb takes a fun and engaging approach to learning practical techniques in order to improve the self-confidence of the participants.

Bully Busters for children (12 and under)

 Children will learn to identify and neutralize bullying behaviours that they observe in public settings.  There is a physical component to this class, with basic karate-influenced blocking and avoidance techniques. 


Self-defense for business (age 19+)

Working in a corporate setting, men and women will learn about personal safety and preventing violence in the workplace.  Participants will learn practical defense concepts and verbal de-escalation techniques through role playing and physical practice.

Standard rates are $75/hour plus expenses, with a sliding scale for school groups and/or non-profit organizations.

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