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Dress code

Core classes
  • Students must wear a plain white karate uniform and your rank belt to all core classes.  

  • Shoes are not permitted on the dojo floor. 

  • Students may wear a t-shirt or tank top under your uniform, but it not required.

  • Long sleeves, turtlenecks and hooded shirts are not permitted.

  • If you choose to wear compression shorts or leggings under your uniform, they must not be visible.  

  • Wearing bulky pants (jeans, pyjamas, sweat pants) under your uniform is not permitted.

  • Ensure your gi pants are hemmed at ankle height to prevent tripping.

  • Remove jewelry, rings and watches before class.  

Try-it classes
  • Wear comfortable athletic clothing for your trial classes.

  • Ensure that your hands and feet are clear and visible at all times.

  • You must train in bare feet in the dojo.

  • You may bring a bottle of water to the dojo. Other drinks and food is prohibited.

Outdoor classes
  • Except in special circumstances, your karategi is not required for outdoor classes.

  • Wear your belt and comfortable athletic clothing appropriate for the weather.

  • Hats and sunglasses are permitted.

  • Wear running shoes or athletic sandals.

  • Crocs, flip flops, and bare feet are not recommended for outdoor training.

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