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Leadership program

The leadership program is designed to support students in learning how to be a karate instructor. The goal of the program is to develop leadership skills through practice, and to qualify to apply for a CNGK Instructor’s certificate.


Do you qualify to join?

  • Youth age 10+  Brown belt or higher

  • Adult age 16+ Blue belt or higher

  • CNGK member in good standing

  • Sensei approval to participate in the program

  • Members age 16+ must have a police background check


Fees and other costs:

  • $105 initiation fee includes program binder, membership card and leadership club shoulder patch and hoodie/jacket  (*fees are subject to change depending on the cost of materials)

  • $65 annual renewal fee to remain in the program and to be eligible to receive dojo credit for teaching.  Renewal fees may be waived for students who assist above a certain number of hours.

  • Some course modules and special events have additional user fees. There may be some local travel to special events.


General expectations:

  • Good attendance at regular and optional classes

  • Model good behavior and attitude for others in the dojo

  • Contribute to a healthy and positive dojo environment

  • Help with dojo upkeep - tidy the dojo, empty trash, check boot trays, monitor the waiting area.



  • Minimum 2.5 hours per month assisting with classes

  • Mandatory attendance at instructor workshops (2 per year)

  • Participate in 3 or more CNGK events per year: tournaments, seminars, camps and black belt gradings


First kyu, Brown Belt, and Blue Belt volunteer hours:

  • Any brown belt is welcome to join and volunteer to assist with junior classes.

  • A minimum of 5 volunteer hours must be completed per year to maintain good standing in the program.

  • Volunteer hours may be tracked for dojo awards*, but brown belts do not receive dojo credit for assisting with classes.


Shodan / Shodan-ho / Junior Black Belt volunteer hours:

  • Any shodan-ho is welcome to volunteer to assist with classes.

  • A minimum of 10 volunteer hours must be completed per year to maintain good standing in the program.

  • After 5 hours of assisting, Shodan-ho students can request dojo credit for assisting with certain classes.


Dojo credit and awards:

  • Assistant Instructors are eligible to collect dojo credits in exchange for teaching and assisting. Dojo credits are calculated in June and may be redeemed the following September for training fees, leadership program membership and merchandise.

  • Credit for assisting with classes must be scheduled and approved in advance. You do not get teaching credit for helping in your own class.

  • Dojo credits may be earned after 10 volunteer hours:

    • Shodan-ho rate starts at $15/hour in dojo credit

    • Shodan rate starts at $20/hour in dojo credit

    • CNGK certified instructors.who teach classes unassisted are eligible to be paid in cash at a negotiated rate, Police background check required.

  • Dojo awards are prizes awarded to kyu belt students demonstrating leadership in the dojo. Awards are presented at the June belt ceremony.

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