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Leadership program

The leadership program is designed to support students in learning how to be a karate instructor. The goal of the program is to develop leadership skills through practice, and to qualify to apply for a CNGK Instructor’s certificate.


Do you qualify to join?

  • Youth age 10+  Brown belt or higher

  • Adult age 16+ Blue belt or higher

  • CNGK membership in good standing

  • Sensei approval to participate in the program

  • Members age 18+ must have a police background check

General expectations:

  • Good attendance at regular and optional classes

  • Demonstrated superior knowledge of the CNGK curriculum 

  • Model good behavior and attitude for others in the dojo

  • Contribute to a healthy and positive dojo environment

  • Help with dojo upkeep - tidy the dojo, empty trash, check boot trays, monitor the waiting area.



  • Commitment to assisting at least 3 hours per month of assisting a senior instructor 

  • Mandatory attendance at black belt gradings and pre-tests

  • Participation in CNGK events: tournaments, seminars, camps etc.


Assisting with classes, Brown Belt volunteer hours:

  • Any brown belt is welcome to join and volunteer to assist with junior classes

  • You must arrange your volunteer hours in advance

  • Volunteer hours may be tracked for high school credit

  • Volunteers hours earned as a brown belt may be credited to your instructor's certificate in the 12 months prior to your black belt grading


Shodan / Shodan-ho volunteer hours:

  • Any shodan-ho or shodan is welcome to volunteer to assist with classes.

  • You must arrange your volunteer hours in advance 

  • Volunteer hours may be tracked for high school credit 

  • Black belts who commit to 30+ hours of assisting with classes in a 12 month period are eligible to apply for a CNGK teaching license.


Black belt dojo credit and paid teaching

  • Members who are shodan or higher may exchange fees for teaching optional classes.

  • Instructors who exceed the minimum instruction hours for a fees exchange may be eligible for paid teaching opportunities.

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