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Payment and refund policy


All new students are entitled to a free trial class before they sign-up. There is no financial obligation beyond the length of the trial.  New students may be charged a non-refundable booking fee, but no financial obligation is required beyond the trial. 


Karate is primarily a personal development activity, where we set attainable goals over a certain period of time.  Consistent training for a set period of time reflects the discipline and tenacity that will help you to reach your goals. 

Although we do not ask for a formal contract, we offer discounted monthly payments based on longer terms of membership. By pre-paying for your membership or signing up for pre-authorized debit (PAD), you are committing to train with us for a set period. The minimum commitment length for a new student is 4 months after the trial period.  The minimum commitment for a returning student is 10 months. 


All fees are due on the first class of the commitment. If you choose to split your fees into two payments, the balance is due on the first class of the following month. 



Monthly payment plans must be paid through pre- authorized debit (PAD) when you register for membership. NSF payments incur a $25 service fee. PAD payments are withdrawn on the 15th day of the month. Changes to your payment information require written notice at least 10 business days before the next payment is due to be withdrawn.


The purpose of the 12-month payment plan is to help reduce monthly fees by spreading it out over a longer term. Because of the reduced monthly rate, you must fulfill the full length of your commitment, even if you decide to take the summer off or stop training.  12 month memberships must be paid via pre-authorized debit over 12 months.



You may transfer fees to a member of your household without penalty. 



Cancellation of a membership before your commitment term is fulfilled is subject to an administration fee of 25% of the total commitment. We require 30 days written notice to stop or modify PAD payments. If you received a reduced monthly rate for a 10-month commitment, you may not cancel before 50% of the term is completed. You may not cancel a 12-month payment plan before the term is up, although you may request a credit for paid fees on a membership that was suspended for medical or compassionate reasons. 



We do not issue refunds on cashed cheques or processed payments. We will consider reasonable exceptions in special circumstances, but we will never refund CNGK memberships or the insurance portion of your membership fees. 



If you are unable to train due to a legitimate medical reason lasting longer than a month, we will credit a portion of your pre-paid fees to a future date. We do not offer any credit automatically, so you must request a suspension of membership in writing or email


If the Elora Centre for the Arts is closed due to pandemic, core classes will shift online in the same schedule as the in-person classes.  If a student is self-isolating and can not attend in person, classes can be live-streamed or recorded.  The dojo requires a 24 hours advance notice for streamed or recorded classes. Review the pandemic policy



Family rates are available for students who live in the same household and pay together. Additional funding may be available for families who qualify for financial aid. Please ask Sensei Barb to confirm eligibility. 



We reserve the right to make reasonable exceptions to the Payment and Refund Policy. 

Last updated: Sept 2022

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