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First Kyu

First Kyu

Two classes per week for at least 6 months as a Brown Belt. Regular attendance at Kobudo class.

Practice Guide

Six months prior to your grading date, you should know the moves for all kata to your level.

Pick 2 or 3 days that are not karate class days to practice, spend at least 15 minutes per session.

Repetition is important. Practice each kata 3 times in a row before moving on to the next one.

Be diligent - All of your kata repertoire will be tested. Do not neglect the beginner kata or kobudo.

Consider attending optional classes or private kata reviews for extra support when preparing for a belt test.

Kaishu Kata


Gekisai Ichi

Gekisai Ni





Kobudo Kata

Gekisai Ichi no Bo

Gekisai Ichi no Sai

Gekisai Ichi no Tonfa

Gekisai Ni no Bo

Gekisai Ni no Sai

Gekisai Ni no Tonfa

Saifa no Bo

Saifa no Sai

Saifa no Tonfa

Yagi Kata





Block and counter

Renzoku kumite (5 patterns)

Kakome kumite (5 patterns)

Jiyu kumite

Point sparring (min 12 matches)

2 on 1 sparring (1 match)

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